Welcome to Reception





Autumn 1 Term 1

Welcome back to Reception class and welcome to our new starters this year. We hope you have had a lovely summer break and are ready for an exciting year ahead.


General Information


Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday.

  School dinner menu in link: 

 Please ensure that all of your child's clothing has their names written inside to

avoid any misplaced items.

 We play outside in all weather conditions, so please ensure that your child is sent to school in sensible shoes and a coat. You can also bring willies into school for your child to change into.  



Parents evening will take place on Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th of October. Please make arrangements with your child's class teacher to catch up on your child's progress 


Please report to main reception.

We look forward to seeing you all then.





This term our topic is "celebrations and rhymes". We will be learning about different celebrations and historic events such as, bonfire night, remembrance day and Christmas. We will also be reading and learning different traditional rhymes and putting our own spin on them. Who pushed Humpty off the wall? How can we build a new London Bridge?


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This term we will be learning about why we celebrate bonfire night and what kind of things we might do and see. We will talk about different fireworks and the think of some words to describe their sounds. We will be learning about remembrance day and creating our own poppies in the creative area.  





In maths we are introducing the characters from Ten Town. We will be learning their different formation rhymes to help us remember how to form each number. We will be learning to confidently count, recognise and sort different numbers to 20 independently.


‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together