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General Information


Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday but please feel free to bring book bags in on other days if you would like to change your child's book more frequently.

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 Please ensure that all of your child's clothing has their names written inside to avoid any misplaced items.

 We play outside in all weather conditions, so please ensure that your child is sent to school in sensible shoes and a coat. You can also bring wellies into school for your child to change into.  



Summer Topic

This half term our topic is ...


If you go down to the woods today....



We will be visiting Crow Nest Park and making our own fairy gardens and fairy worlds.




We will read different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and grow our own beanstalks. We will learn about what plants need for healthy growth and do lots of planting in the outdoor area.




We will also be reading different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and thinking about good and bad characters.




Check back again in a few weeks to see photographs of what children have been doing!




Yorkshire Wildlife Park


We had a fantastic time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on 18th April. The sun was shining and all the animals came out to see us.

Our favourite animals were the lazy lions and the huge polar bears. We also enjoyed watching the lemurs at feeding time and the wallabies having a walkabout.

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Picture 8

When we got back to school we received a letter from the rangers at the Wildlife park, telling us that Barry, one of the Lemurs had escaped! We realised that someone must of left the gate open!


We made wanted posters of Barry just in case anyone spotted something with a long black and white stripy tale around school.

Look at our writing and paintings!

Look at our writing and paintings! 1 Lexi Allday
Look at our writing and paintings! 2 Halima Saadia
Look at our writing and paintings! 3 Hammad Ali
Look at our writing and paintings! 4 Sara Walwyn
Look at our writing and paintings! 5 Isla-Berri Sharifi

There were sightings of Barry around school and eventually we found him outside climbing a tree. Then we had to try and think of ways to capture him and get him back to the Wildlife Park safely.

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