Year 3

W e l c o m e   t o   Y e a r   3 !


Year 3 Teachers:


       Miss Pazir (3P)              Mrs Khalid (3KH)           Mr Richardson (3R)

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 Mr Barker, Miss Grant,  Miss Hughes, Miss AkhtarMrs Bradbrook


Important Information

Wednesday: PE Kits, Homework due in and Times table Test

Friday: Spelling Test, New spellings and Library day    

Spring Term

T o p i c

This term Year 3 will become volcanologists, we will be learning about the causes of a volcano and the impact that volcanoes have on Earth. We will compare volcanoes to other natural disasters (such as earthquakes and tsunamis) and compare and contrast. We will learn to label a volcano and we will use this knowledge to create our own.

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In Science we are learning all about Rocks and Soils. This term we are going to become rock detectives and we are going to explore how different rocks are used throughout school, and begin to decide which types of rocks are useful for specific purposes. We will describe the features and properties of rocks based on how they feel and look. Rocks can be separated into three different categories, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic depending on how they were formed.




Art and Design

As part of our Extreme Earth topic we are going to be working on creating our very own natural disasters. We are going to start off with volcanoes and will be using a range of materials to help create our very own ERUPTING volcanoes! Keep a look out for our pictures! laugh

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