Year 5

Welcome to the class pages for the us lot!


Year 5 is part of upper key stage two and we have 3 classes in our year group. In year 5 we need to work hard to learn everything we need to know ready for year 6 and our SATS. It's not all work, work, work however. During the year we are going to be doing lots of exciting projects and visiting some amazing places. Check back on this page regularly to find out more.


In year 5 there are 3 teachers and 3 educational teaching assistants.

Find out more about them below:




NAME: Miss Cook


LIKES: Lego, Pirates, Doctor Who, Cats, Tea.

DISLIKES: Marmite, mean people, rubbish words like 'nice'.

SECRET FACT: I hate sitting on chairs. I would rather sit on floor or a table!

NAME: Miss Broad


LIKES: Playing the piano, walking, chocolate, cups of tea.

DISLIKES: I hate broccoli, the colour orange

SECRET FACT: I have a twin sister.

NAME: Mr Connolly


LIKES: Watching any cycling, going running, coffee, Eye of the Tiger and food.

DISLIKES: Unkind people, getting your and you're mixed up and mushrooms.

SECRET FACT: I once used Sean Connery's toilet.


Here you kind find out all the latest news about what we have been up to.


On the move! - 5th September 2016

Miss Cook

Well the summer is over and all the teachers have headed into school to get it ready for a fabulous new year. We are really excited for you all to come back and we have nearly unpacked all our boxes from the move. The upper school site is looking fabulous and should be an amazing place for all our learning plans. The classrooms look like year 5 and 6 rooms and the tables and chairs are all ready for learning. The toilets have been re-done ready for bigger children and the door plaques are on the doors. All we need now are some children who are ready to learn..... is that you?!


Great start to the year - 25th September 2016

Miss Cook

Wow! 2 and a half weeks have flown by and we're nearly into October. We've done so much already: Explored our site, got used to walking down to the lower school site, appointed new team leaders, chosen a  new school councillor for each class, allocated jobs around the site, had Eid day celebrations, had a visit from Thornhill Academy, and started our new topic learning afternoons. Well done for helping each other out when others were unsure what to do and thank you for bearing with us while we sorted out things like dinner organisations, assembly places.  I wonder what the next month will bring?!


To infinity and beyond!

Miss Cook

Christmas came and went and now it is spring already. Time really does fly! This term we have been learning about space. I love space and I love stargazing. Take a look in the sky one clear night and marvel at the number of stars out there. Just think, each of those stars is a burning ball of gas billions and billions of light years away from us. Wow! This puts me in mind of one of my favourite songs...

Some one has a hard choice to make. Year 5 have made Anglo Saxon Longhouses as for homework.

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