Year 5


Year 5

Welcome to our class page



Important information

Spellings and times tables are given out on a Wednesday and are to be tested the Wednesday after.


Please ensure your child is reading their home reading book every week.


P.E is on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child brings their kit. It should consist of a black pair of shorts, a white t - shirt and black pumps.

Autumn term 2

This half term we will be learning lots of interesting things and applying different skills that we have learnt.


This term we will be focusing on descriptive writing using adjectives, powerful verbs, punctuation and starting to add in expanded noun phrases into our writing. Adventure writing is another of our genres that we will cover, looking at the story 'Viking Boy.'



This term in maths we will be consolidating our knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction. There will be lots of work on multiplication, division and measurement.




Our topic this term will be on the Vikings. It is a topic which children always enjoy. They will find out about Viking raids and the geography of Scandinavia. There will be activities such as building a Viking long boat and designing and painting a shield.


Our science topic this term is properties and changes of materials. We have already analysed different materials and their properties. Recently, we carried out a fair test to see which types of paper were absorbent. We will be moving on to irreversible and reversible changes.



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