Year 6 - Upper school

Countdown to SATs has begun now! Year 6 are working really hard and we are really proud of the progress they have made.

Year 6 Curriculum




Inventors and Inventions



This term we are studying inventors and the inventions that they have created. We are looking at how these inventions came to be and the impact that they have had on how we live today. We will be finding out about what it takes to be an inventor and what has made certain so famous today.






We will be writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction pieces to gather evidence for our writing portfolio. We will be starting off with reading the book 'Skellig' and will be exploring the techniques authors use to create tension in their writing. 




We have increased the amount of reading we do across the curriculum  to make sure that we have had lots of practice at showing our understanding of a range of texts. We are also making sure that we increase an improve our knowledge of vocabulary and language in line with the year 6 expectations. 





We are moving to small focussed groups and will be consolidating our knowledge of the four operations (+, -, x, ÷), fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and space, position and direction and statistics. We are using and applying these in a range of real-life situations and word problems.  



‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together