Year 6 - Upper school

The children in Year 6 have had a good start to the year. They have returned from the summer break with positive attitudes, ready to take on the challenges of year 6! 

The year 6 curriculum




Crime and Punishment



We are taking a journey back through time to visit the villains from history and looking at how their punishments have changed overtime. From the guillotine and the gallows to the more civilised proceedings we have today.









We will be learning the new grammar targets relating to year 6 and applying these to our writing in a range of genres including scary stories, newspaper reports and setting descriptions. We will also be working hard to make sure we learn and use all of the elements of the national year 6 writing expectations. 




We have increased the amount of reading we do across the curriculum  to make sure that we have had lots of practice at showing our understanding of a range of texts. We are also making sure that we increase an improve our knowledge of vocabulary and language in line with the year 6 expectations. Our class story will be the novel 'Holes' by Louis Sachar upon which we will also be basing some of our literacy work.





We are working our way through the year 6 curriculum, making sure that we have a good and secure knowledge of the four operations (+, -, x, ÷), fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and space, position and direction and statistics. We are using and applying these in a range of real-life situations and word problems.  We are also trying to improve our abilities to work under timed conditions.



‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together