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Spring 1

Week Commencing Monday 24th January 2022

Spring 1 

Week commencing 17th January 2022

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Our Science Topic is Electricity.

We would like you to look around your home and create a list of appliances that run on electricity around your home then put them into a table if it is main or battery. 

Then research and see if you can create your own circuit using things you have at home. 

Research and create an electricity safety poster.


Research and find out all you can about the Egyptians and create a fact file on what you have found out. 

Research about Howard Carter and Tutankhamun and create an informative leaflet about them. 

Create your own Egyptian death mask and canopic jars with anything you can find e.g. recycling, carboard, foil etc.

Autumn 2 


Research the water cycle. Can you be creative and create a model of the water cycle?

Use the internet to search for more examples!






Make a Roman Shield. Please look at link below for the examples.








We would like you to write a report all about Pompeii. Use the internet to complete your research.

You could include pictures too!

Autumn Half Term 1 


We would like you to write a setting description of the market in the story and a character description of Marius then you will retell and innovate the crime story.


In numeracy this term we are looking at Place Value. Including adding and  subtracting and place value charts, rounding all up to 4 digit numbers.


Our topic in science this term is states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) Here are some activities for you to try at home.

Topic -The Roman Empire

This term we are learning about the Roman Empire including where and how it began and how it became so powerful.