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We are looking at invitation this week.


Talk about:

Have you ever got or sent an invitation?


What kind of events would people send out an invitation for? (birthday party, Christmas, Eid, baptism, anniversary party etc).


Task: Write an invitation for a party.

WHO will you send it to?

WHEN is the party?

WHERE is the party?

WHAT time is the party?



We are sorting and counting numbers to 10 (Y1) or 20 (Y2).


COUNT: objects around the house. How many coats are in your hallway? How many cups are in your cupboard?

Can you write your numbers to 20? You can extend your numbers by counting to 100 if you can.



We will be introducing our new project- Bright Lights, big city.


This week we will be learning about Queen Elizabeth ii.


Can you research when she was born? How old is she now? How long has she been the queen?


Design and make a crown for the queen.




‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together