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Our topic this half term is called Enchanted Woodland.


On Monday we had a walk to the park and looked for natural objects. 


This week we are writing a recount about our walk. If you did not come on the walk you could write a recount about a special place or trip you have been on.


Read and practise your time conjunction words:





After that



Time conjunctions

Here is a song to remember our time conjunctions.

Write a recount of our walk to the park.

Remember to use your time conjunctions!


This Week we are looking at 2d and 3d shape.


Can you go on a shape hunt at home and look for shapes around the house? 


Talk about the shapes with your adult...How many sides do they have?  Have many corners do they have?  Which shapes are there more of in your home?



Challenge - can you make a shape creation at home? It could be a monster, vehicle, rocket, house etc. Don't forget to name your shapes, count the sides and corners

Science- seasonal changes

In science we are looking for seasonal changes. Can you spot any changes in the weather as you come to school? Draw a picture, take a photo or make a diary.

We our learning about different trees.