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Hi year 6!



Ever heard of a Rhiswanozebtah?! No? Me neither until today. Your writing tasks are all about these fascinating creatures. The work is split into activities for 5 days but you may do more than one thing on one day if this helps you to structure your week. Enjoy!



What is your favourite book of all time? I find it really hard to answer this question because I have read so many! My favourite genre of book is a thriller. A thriller is a book which is fast paced with lots of twists and turns. They may have some tense sections and you just don't want to put them down! This week why not re-read your favourite book of all time and think about why it was your favourite.


Along with this you have 3 comprehensions on the theme of food (yummy!). Have a go at each one, as always you don't need to print them out. Simply read the text and answer the questions on paper or verbally to a family member.