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Greek Myth Writing- Week 2


This week in English we would like you to continue writing your Greek myth.


Day one will begin with some grammar work on conjunctions that we would like you to use when writing your Greek myth.

Then, we would like you to write the quest- what is your hero/heroine going to find and why? (Remember to use your planning from last week!)

Day three we would like you to describe the first challenge that your hero faces followed by planning and then describing your mythical beast.


Next week we will finish writing the Greek myth and then you will have a chance to publish your story.


Any questions, please feel free to email your teachers and don't forget to send in your work.

Your stories will make great bedtime reads for our children! We can't wait to read them.





Please enjoy sharing a story together with your child, listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation. Explore new vocabulary you find when reading. Can you find any synonyms or antonyms for your new word?  You can access a wide range of books on Reading Eggs. Your child has their log in details and will be able to sign into their account.

Below you will find 3 comprehensions. Have a go at each one, as always you don't need to print them out. Simply read the text and answer the questions on paper or verbally to a family member.


The first comprehension is all about 'Bouncer' a guard dog.  

The second comprehension is all about 'Greek Gods.' This links in with our topic work so we hope you enjoy learning all about the different gods! 

The third comprehension links in with our Science topic, 'Light'.