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Hi Everyone,


This week's English consists of reading and writing and grammar tasks. 



Complete the comprehension activities. As always, you don't need to print them out just read from the screen and answer on a piece of paper. There are pieces to read with questions following each one. Try to do one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you can but don't worry if you can't just try your best to do what you can. 



Remember we wrote a persuasive leaflet for visiting Mexico when we were learning about the Mayans? Well, Mr Grant has written a piece for having a Lockdown Holiday. It is a tongue in cheek piece of writing. This means that it is meant to be funny by joking around with the situation. Your task is to write your own persuasive piece using a similar structure to the piece Mr Grant wrote. Try to make it as funny as possible and include the things you have been doing in your house. We have attached some other example pieces as a reminder for you and something you can talk to your parents and carers about. 



Visit this website Choose 'SPaG' on the first page and 'Test 1' on the second page. You will then have 10 minutes to complete a mini SPaG test that will be marked for you when you have completed it. You can 'review answers' to see where you went wrong and use the internet to find out areas where you might need some extra help. Tell your parnets about the CGP books we used at school and how they helped with learning grammar. There is a sheet below which will help as a reminder for what some of the terms mean.