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Week Commencing 29th June Writing 

Day One 

Today you will watch the Youtube advert clips on the class page and read the information about 1970s toys and choose four to put into your plan then you will choose one to do your advert on tomorrow. 

E.g advert on the Weebles. 

Day Two

First read the information on how to create a good persuasive advert then  this week would like you to watch the 1970 toy adverts on the class page and read the information on 1970's toys, look at the example adverts  then choose one 1970's toy to do an advert on. e.g. an advert about the 1970 evil knievel toy.

Day Three 

Today you will be a toy designer, you need to design your own toy this can be for the 1970's, now or for in the future! Think about what kind of toy it will be, who is it for and what it does.

Day Three Writing

Day Four 

Today you are going to plan out an advert for the toy you decided yesterday. Think about what an advert needs to include and what your toy does and who it is for. Don't forget to re-watch the videos.on the class page these will help.

Day Five 

Today you'll create your own advert for your toy you designed yesterday. So remember to again look at the features of an advert and look at your plan from yesterday to help you. Remember the advert needs  to be informative, persuasive and  colourful. If you are feeling really creative you can create your own TV advert to go with your written one. 

Week Commencing 29th June Reading 

Week Commencing 29th June Spelling and Grammar Activities

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