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This week, we would like you to pretend to be Theseus and write a diary entry pretending to be him. 

Read the story again and familiarise yourself with what he did and where he went. You will really enjoy, we are sure, the part where he defeats the Minotaur! 


Day 1 - We would like you to start by writing a brief character description of the Minotaur. This will help you write the final paragraph of the diary entry where you (Theseus) defeat the beastly Minotaur.

Please click below on, ' Minotaur word bank' to help you. 

Day 2

You can now pretend to be Theseus. Begin to write about when you first entered the Labyrinth. 

Read the example in bold red below to help you. Include your feelings and emotions upon first stepping inside the dark scary labyrinth. Describe what you could see, smell, hear and touch. 

Use the word bank to help you.


' As I entered the cold dark labyrinth, the hairs on the back of my neck started to tingle. There were blood stains smothered on the walls and bones of helpless victims scattered across the floor. The smell of decomposing flesh filled my nose and I began to wretch.'


Day 3

Write about when you saw the Minotaur. What was going on in your head?

Refer to the your Monday's Minotaur description that you should have done to help you.

Read the example in bold red  below to help you. Can you, ' show the reader not tell the reader?' E.g. Instead of writing, ' I was really scared' you could write, ' My heart was pounding and sweat dripped from my forehead'. You will improve your writing and make it much for descriptive and interesting for the reader! Don't forget to include appropriate adjectives, thoughts and feelings! 

'When I first saw the Minotaur my heart thumped against my rib cage, he was even more menacing than I had ever imagined. His razor sharp horns, bone crunching jaws, fiery nostrils and colossal muscles made me feel petrified but I knew I had to be brave.'

Day 4 & 5

Write about killing the Minotaur. How did you kill it? What did you use? How were you feeling?

Read the example below.

'The beast began to charge at me and I knew I had to react quickly. Clenching my sword tightly, I gritted my teeth and aimed straight towards his bulging neck. I was stunned when the Minotaur dodged my sword and threw me to the ground. With his heavy foot crushing my chest I thought that I was taking my final breaths. Luckily, out of the corner of my eye I saw I sharp bone and grabbed it. I slashed the Minotaur's throat and he fell to the ground like a bag of hammers. The Minotaur was dead! I was victorious!'