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Reading - Week 1

Below are 3 files.

One is the reading booklet with three texts in.

One is the answer booklet for you to read the questions from and answer them in (if you are able to print it out if not just answer verbally or on paper). 

One is the mark scheme which contains the answers. This is for your parents / carers / older siblings etc to go over with you to check the answers you have come up with. Don't cheat and just copy the answers from here - we will find out!


The booklet contains 3 texts, we advise completing one text a day. It should take about 30 mins per text including reading, answering and going over the answers in the mark scheme.


Good luck! 


Grammar - Week 1


Each week we will put two grammar tasks for you to do. You do not need to print them out but can if you want to. You can simply look at the questions on the screen and say the answers to someone in your household or write them down on a piece of paper.

Writing - week 1


There is a lot of Fake news in the world today and we have to be careful about what we believe when we read it. The document below is a fake news article about a giant lasagne. Read through it and listen to the audio. Can you write your own newspaper article about a fake news item? Try to think of something funny that could be believable. There is a powerpoint for parents / carers to look at that shows what needs to go into a newspaper report. Good luck :)