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Egg Box Craft


It seems a shame to throw away your egg boxes, doesn’t it?

And once you’ve seen the wonderful things you could make, you’ll never want to waste one again.

If your child gets a bit bored this week, stick an egg box in front of them and let them spend an hour (or two) having fun cutting, painting, sticking and turning it into a masterpiece, with our 3 brilliant egg-box craft instructions.


1. Egg Box Ball Game



Egg-box game equipment

1 egg box;  paint; 1 black marker pen; 1 ball.

How to make an egg-box game

Paint the egg box, inside and out and leave it to dry. Decorate the inside of the egg box. We painted the egg dimples blue and pink, then numbered them from one to 12 using a black marker pen. When the paint is dry the game is ready to play. Take it in turns to bounce a ball into the numbered holes and keep the scores. The player with the highest score wins.


2. Egg Box Cress Head


Haven’t our terrible twins got messy hair? Let’s cut it all off and have egg and cress sarnies.

Egg-box cress heads equipment

1 egg box; scissors; pink paint; 2 pairs of googly eyes; black and red felt pens; cotton wool balls; cress seeds; water.

How to make egg-box cress heads

Cut the lid off an egg box. Paint the egg box pink inside and out, then leave it to dry. Decorate the outside of the egg box with googly eyes and coloured felt pens so it looks like the faces of two terrible twins. Pack the egg-box dimples with cotton wool then sprinkle on some cress seeds and water. Place the cress heads on a window-sill and keep them well watered (so the cotton wool is always damp) and watch while the twins’ cress hair grows in a week or two.


3. Egg Box Pirate Chest



Egg-box treasure chest equipment

1 egg box; red, brown and gold paint; paintbrush; black felt pen; black and gold card; scissors; glue stick; gems; treasure.

How to make an egg-box treasure chest

Paint the inside of an egg box red, the outside brown and let it dry. Paint on the treasure chest’s gold bands and gold lock and when the paint is dry, draw on a keyhole using a black felt pen. Make the skull and crossbones plaque by cutting out black and gold card bone and skull shapes and arrange them on an oval-shaped piece of gold card. Decorate the chest with the plaque and the gems, then stuff it with all your treasure.

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