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We need to escape from this place!


So you're stuck at home, trapped in your own four walls with no means of escape? You know some people pay good money to be in a situation like this! 


Before Lockdown happened there were a number of 'Escape Rooms' in venues across the globe. The idea of an escape room is that you are locked in a themed room with your friends and/or family (usually up to 6 people) and you have an hour to solve clues to escape. Now that Lockdown has happened many escape rooms have launched online versions of their rooms. Some are free and some can be paid for. Below is a link to a page with 3 free mini adventures on. All games are aimed at families of children between 8 to 14 years of age. Click on the link, read the instructions and try to solve the puzzles. Once you solve each puzzle you will find a word or number which you type in to get to the next stage. The Egyptian and Pirate games are easier than the Global Getaway game. The picture below shows the first clue from the Egyptian game.


Have a go at playing with your friends and family if you can. We'd love to hear how you get on.