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Work Together, Play Together, Succeed Together


We have to come to the end of our Reception year together and we have had lots of fun memories together!

Can you draw a picture of your favourite memory from reception and write a caption underneath it? We would love to see this on Tapestry! laugh

It could be when we designed our own gingerbread man, when we were visited by the owl man, doing PE, baking a cake, using the beebots, dressing up on World Book Day....


Can you write a wish for what you would like to achieve in Year 1 and what you are looking forward to, inside a star?

We will try our hardest to share your wishes with your Year 1 teachers ready for September. smiley



Pobble is a free resource with lots of pictures for you to have a look at which allows you to use your imagination... Each day there is a new photo for you to have a look at and talk about. Maybe you could write a sentence about the picture? I wonder what photo you will explore today...