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If you are needing any help regarding remote learning or any passwords then please contact your child's class teacher. The class emails can be found on the covid tab under your child's year group.
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Literacy & Reading

Literacy - Lesson 1

In today's lesson, you will need to read the diary entry written by Little Red Riding Hood. 

Then, find the features in the text. You must write a sentence for each feature to show that you have found it successfully in the text! 

The sheet is really simple so you do not have to print it out. You can simply write the features on a piece of paper. If you could set out your answers like they are on the sheet, that would be great! 

lesson 2

In Today's lesson, you will think carefully about Billy's feelings and emotions in the story. 

Look at each picture and think about what is happening. 

How would he be feeling? What would his thoughts be? What might he be saying to himself? 


You might look at picture 1 and write a sentence like this...

In picture 1, Billy is falling down a deep, deep hole. He would be feeling very frightened and confused. He might be thinking, " where am I falling"    " what is happening to me"  " I hope I am going be ok" 

Lesson 3 & 4


In lesson 3 and 4, you will carefully read the features of a diary entry. ( See below)

You guessed it! That's correct, you are going to write a diary pretending to be Billy from the stone age. 

Use the pictures and your sentences describing his feelings and emotions from Tuesdays lesson to help you. 

Wednesday and Thursday's Zoom lessons will be very important because your teacher will be modelling how to write a diary entry pretending to be Billy. 



Reading Comprehensions

We would like your child to complete at least 3 comprehension each week. We cannot stress the importance of keeping up to reading daily. 

There are 3 comprehensions to choose from. There will be a variety of different genres, for example:

playscripts, newspaper reports and stories. You will find 3 different levels, an easy, medium and harder. 


Please write the answers on a piece of paper and send a photograph to your teacher. Or if you wish, write  them using the computer using Microsoft Word, or Notepad. 

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