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This week we are looking at our first traditional tale. Traditional tales are stories that have been told for years, even when we were little! 

We are reading the story, 'The Three Little Pigs'. Your first job is to listen to the story, watch the video here -

The Three Little Pigs - Books Alive!

Listen to the traditional tale: three little pigs.

Wednesday- sequence the story of the three little pigs. You can print out the pictures or draw them on some paper. Just make sure you think carefully about the order of the story. You could also verbally tell parts of the story to your grown up.

Thursday - We would like you to retell the beginning part of the story. You can use the pictures and words on the sheet to help you. You could also verbally tell this part of the story to someone in your house. Remember to some language from the story, such as 'Once upon a time' and correct character names

Friday fun activity! Imagine that you selling one of the houses for the three little pigs....which one would you choose?

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