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If you are needing any help regarding remote learning or any passwords then please contact your child's class teacher. The class emails can be found on the covid tab under your child's year group.
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Note for parents

The importance of retelling stories is that it allows children to learn to organize and describe events, which enhances reading comprehension. Retelling stories helps children begin to understand sequence, plot, and characterization as they build vocabulary and comprehension skills. Please read through the Stone Age Boy, asking questions relating to the story to check their understanding. Their completed piece of work will be a retelling of the story in their own words. (Ideally word processed and then sent to their teacher)


Monday - Lesson 1


Today, Miss Blake and Mr Richardson are going to read the ' Stone Age Boy'.

This is a fascinating book and your imagination will run wild! You will need to listen very carefully because you are going to answer some questions about the story. 

As always, it is your choice how you present your answers. You could write the answers on a piece of paper, take a photograph and then email it to your teacher. Or you could write your answers on Microsoft Word or Notepad, saving it then attaching it to an email to your teacher.


Tuesday - Lesson 2 


Today you will listen carefully to your teacher and learn how to create a story map. This story map will be the main events of the story. This will really help you remember the main parts of the story so that you will be able to confidently retell it. Remember, the pictures you draw are to help YOU remember the story so do not worry if you think they are not the work of Picasso!


Wednesday and Thursday - Lesson 3 and 4.


Today Miss Blake and Mr Richardson are going to model how to write the Stone Age Boy as a retelling of the story. 

Then, you are going to write your own retelling of the story. ( We would like you to ideally write the story using the computer (e.g. word or notebook). 



Literacy resources 

Stone Age Boy


Reading Comprehensions

We would like your child to complete at least 3 comprehension each week. We cannot stress the importance of keeping up to reading daily. 

There are 3 comprehensions to choose from. There will be a variety of different genres, for example:

playscripts, newspaper reports and stories. You will find 3 different levels, an easy, medium and harder. 


Please write the answers on a piece of paper and send a photograph to their teacher. Or if you wish, write  them using the computer using Microsoft Word, or Notepad. 


Friday - Spellings




‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together