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Year 1

As we have covered fractions already, we have changed this weeks lesson to 'Position and Direction'

Have a go at the activities below.

Year 1 - Position and Movement

This video teaches children the mathematical vocabulary we use to describe positions, including: close, near, far, beside, on top of and underneath. The vide...

Year 2

This weeks learning is about measuring in litres and measuring temperature. It also looks at measuring and telling the time.

Measurement Song

measurement #science #teaching I use this song to help introduce the basic concept and tools of measurement to my youngest classes (Focus on the English sys...

Measure temperature in degrees Celsius

Visit for more.

Hip-Hop Around the Clock | "Quarter-After" "Half-Past" "Quarter-Til" | Telling Time | Jack Hartmann

Learn about telling time and using the terms; quarter after, half past and a quarter till the hour. This can be done with each student having their own clock...