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Hi Year 6!


This week are are going to revise number and place value. Below are 2 documents, one of questions and one of answers. The questions build up getting harder in each area. 

We suggest tackling some each day with the following as a rough guide:


  • Monday pages 3 to 6
  • Tuesday pages 7 to 9
  • Wednesday page 10
  • Thursday page 11
  • Friday pages 12 to 13


Please don't worry if you can't do something or if you don't have time to complete it. Just try your best and, as always, you do not need to print this out. You can read the questions off the screen and answer them on paper or even just verbally to a family member. This is all good revision for when you go to secondary school.


Finally, no peeking at the answer! Use them to check your work and find your mistakes.

Maths Number and Place Value week 1 year 6

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