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Remote learning will not take place on the morning of Friday 5th March as staff will be coming into school to prepare classrooms for children returning on 8th March
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Guided Reading Task

1) Why is it unusual to hear a dung beetle described as 'mighty, funny and adorable'? Why do you think these have been chosen? 

2) Why is poo not disgusting? 

3) What does stoic scavengers of scat mean? 

4) What amazing facts have you learnt about the dung beetle? 

5) What excellent examples do dung beetles set humans? 

6) Why is it difficult for the dung beetle to navigate? How do they navigate? 

7) Is this fact or fiction? How do you know? 

8) How does this information link to hope? 

Maths Task

This video will remind you how to calculate unit fractions.

Find ½, 1/3 and ¼ of the following numbers: 
- 24    -  96    - 192     - 384 

Maths Extension:


Find 1/5 and 1/4 of these numbers. Give your answer as a decimal


1) 63

2) 653

3) 8506

4) 9542


On a piece of paper - using one colour paint (you can add black or white to it to change it's tone) find as many different ways to make different textures. You could you a paint brush, finger, sponge, screwed up paper, potato, fork, pebble, grass, wool, pasta...Anything you have in the house or garden that your parents won't mind you getting paint on. (Please ask first)Have fun!



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