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Can you read your high frequency words?


Pick 5 high frequency words and make up your own silly sentence.


Remember your sentence needs to start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and end with a full stop. Year 2's: try to join up your letters and make sure your handwriting is neat like we have practised in class.

Maths fluency

Have a go at some addition and subtraction sums.


Year 1s- pick 5

Year 2s - pick 10

Challenge - how long to complete them all?


Remember you can use counters, use a ruler as a number line, use column addition or draw out the tens and ones. Use which ever method works for you!

Project- PETS

This half term we have been thinking about pets. Today is your chance to design your own fantasy pet! It could have long floppy ears of a rabbit but long legs of a dog.


Be creative and think about the attributes of each pet you like.

Year 1- add labels

Year 2- add full sentences to explain your design.


Have fun! :)

Words to help:

|Peculiar Pets| read by |Mrs Malik|

Listen to the story Peculiar Pets by Victoria Roberts and Deborah Allwright