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This week, our English work is going to be based on the book called, ' The Tunnel ' by the famous author Anthony Browne. 

Today, we are going to read the story together and then answer questions relating to the story. 

We will ask you to record yourself ( do get help from an adult) reading the story aloud. 

Please send in your video recording to your teacher :) 

REMEMBER, use expression! 

The Tunnel by Anthony Browne



In maths this week we are continuing with our money unit.

Spr3.4.5 - Add money


This week is science we are going to recap our learning so far and have a look at which metals are magnetic - the video below will help you with this. 


Your task this week is to answer the questions below to see how much you  have learnt about forces and magnets. 


1. What is a force?

2. What is the name of the force that is caused by rubbing two surfaces together?

3. Are all magnetics the same size and shape? Explain.

4. Do all magnets have a North and South pole?

5. What will happen if you put two of the same poles together? Explain.

6.Do you think magnets are important? Think about how we use them in our everyday lives. 

7. Name the metals that are magnetic and give some examples. 



Which metals are magnetic?