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Ready... Steady....Reception!!!


For the next few weeks at Nursery we will be focussing on getting the children ready for school.

There are lots of fun ways that you can support this at home and every week we will upload different ideas on the following themes. 

  • Being independent
  • Developing Social Skills
  • Developing communication, listening and attention skills
  • Coping with being apart from parents
  • Developing curiosity about the world and a desire to learn


With so much time spent away from Nursery and preschool settings, it is even more important that we all work together to ensure that children are ready for the new adventure of full time school.



Click on the tabs to find out what you can be doing to help your child with this topic at home each week

Saim has been getting ready for reception by practising getting dressed and undressed!

Gracie has been learning to sleep in her new bed!

You can show your child this video of some Reception children talking about what they like about school!
Look at the amazing scarecrow of Worzel Gummige that the children in Nursery made last week to celebrate 50 years of Westmoor being open. 


Still image for this video

Living Eggs

We are expecting an exciting delivery on Monday 6th July...…..



Lots of eggs!

Over the next 2 weeks we will be watching them very closely and seeing them hatch into baby chicks!

We will post photographs and videos of the eggs on the website for children to watch at home. You can also check out the living eggs website for more pictures and information about the life cycle of chickens and egg themed activities to do at home.


Day 2 - the eggs are keeping warm in the incubator

Day 3

Still image for this video
This afternoon, just as the children were leaving, one of the chicks started to poke it’s way out!
Come back on Thursday for an update!


Still image for this video

Day 4

Still image for this video
When we arrived this afternoon 7 more chicks hatched!

Day 5

Still image for this video
The chicks are now in their box and are enjoying some food and water.
Mrs Smith is taking them home to look after them for the weekend.

This week work has started on the Reception play area. By September we should have a much improved area for children to learn outside. 
Here are some photographs of the work so far!


50 Things Challenge


This week the challenge is #47 Cooking

Although we have done this challenge before, this time we would like you to cook something with your child involving eggs. Maybe scrambled eggs, or poached eggs, French Toast or boiled eggs. The possibilities are endless and you'll have a yummy plate of eggs to eat at the end!





Don't forget to upload any challenges or photographs of children learning at home to the Tapestry App! And thank you to all those who have been regularly uploading photographs, we love looking at them!

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‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together