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Here are some activities that you can be doing at home with your child over the next week. Most activities require only resources that you probably have lying around your house and can be easily adapted depending on your child's age and stage.

We will also continue to set the weekly 50 Things Challenge.

Please upload any photographs of your child or children doing any home learning tasks or simply learning through play as they do all the time.

Keep safe, take care and thank you for your continued support,

from all the Reception team.

Make somebody smile by adding a rainbow to your window to spread hope and joy..🌈







Pobble is a free resource with lots of pictures for you to have a look at which allows you to use your imagination... Each day there is a new photo for you to have a look at and talk about.Maybe you could write a sentence about the picture? I wonder what photo you will explore today...





We're going on a word hunt...


In Reception we practice reading high frequency words - can you go on a word hunt around your house? Around your garden? How many can you find? Maybe you could create a video?..πŸ”Ž 



Daily exercise...πŸΏπŸŒ³πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹


What can you find on your daily walk today? What can you find in your garden?





We β€οΈ Phonics!


Here is a great video for parents to watch to help your child with Phase 3 phonics which is where we left off at :)


Fun ideas:

Write words down on a piece of paper for your child to have a go at reading.

Write a sentence using words with sounds which we have learnt for your child to read and write themselves.

Practice writing the sounds in shaving foam, water and a brush, on paper - be as creative as you can!

Can you find these sounds in books? Even if it is a book your child cannot read just yet, can they still find the sounds/ high frequency words?


β€˜Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together