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Social/ Fun

We are asking all children at home and in school to design their own scarecrows to take part in the scarecrow festival.


The scarecrows should be based around the 1970s. Be imaginative and creative!


Homemade is best, you don't need to buy anything new so get recycling old clothes and boxes if you can.


Look at our 70s powerpoint to give you some good ideas what was popular then.

Watch some popular shows from the 1970s. Do you notice any differences from today?

The Wombles!!!

The first episode of the Wombles was released in 1973! Watch the very first episode below and let us know what you think? ......Would you like to watch more episodes??

The Wombles - S01E01 (Orinoco And The Big Black Umbrella)

Chalk your own hopscotch in your garden or in the park.

Dogger colouring sheets