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Remote learning will not take place on the morning of Friday 5th March as staff will be coming into school to prepare classrooms for children returning on 8th March
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Using the information which you have gathered over the last few days, you are going to write the last two paragraphs of Greta Thunberg’s biography:


4) Speeches – Greta gave a lot of speeches to very important people.  What were some of her most powerful statements?  Who was she speaking to?

Include actual quotes from her speeches and remember to punctuate them correctly.


5) Future – What does Greta want for our future?  What do we want for our future?  How can governments make that happen?  How can we make that happen?




Mrs Dawson's group (1)

Find 5 things in your house measured in l or ml.

1) 5000ml = ___l ___ml       5) 6l 450ml = ______ml

2) 2875ml = ___l ___ml       6) 9l   75ml = ______ml

3)   396ml = ___l ___ml       7) 5l    5ml = ______ml

4) 24,650ml = ___l ___ml   8) 14l 625ml = ______ml


Mr Grant and Mr Lawson's groups (2, 3 and 4)



Place the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the bottom of a tower. Add the adjacent numbers to make the number above. What is the total at the top?

1. If you change the order of the numbers, do you get the same total at the top? Draw out the pyramid to help you

2.What is the highest and lowest possible total at the top?

3. Try the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. What happens to the lowest and highest totals? Draw out the pyramid to help you.



Afternoon activities

1. PE – complete a Joe Wicks session or go for a family walk if the weather is good to get some fresh air.


2. Gather together your equipment and resources and begin to make your bottle design.

‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together