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Our history lesson this week is about the famous explorer - Christopher

Columbus.  Click on the link below to find out about him. 

Things you could do -

Can you draw a picture of him and email it to us on the 'talk to your teacher' link?

Can you write any facts that you remember from what you have read?

Can you play the game?

Can you do the quiz online with a grown up to help you?


This term we are going to carrying on with our plants topic, looking at plants in more detail, learning about all the different types of plants, trees, and seeds. We will also learn about the lifecycle of plants and how they go from being a seed to becoming a plant. 
This week we are going to be learning about different types of plants. Firstly we would like you to read Darwins story which tells you all about Charles Darwin's love of nature and how he became a scientist. 
After that, we would like you to explore 
On here you will be able to find fact files about different plants, videos and games. 
After learning all these facts about plants, we thought it would be exciting for you to go on your own learning walk and see which plants you can find using the plant identification sheets. You can take photos of the plants and send them to us or you can draw pictures and write a bit of information about them - describing what they look and feel like and using some of the scientific vocabulary you have learnt. 
Fun activities 
Seed bombs
My street tree

Team work!!!

Watch the video of the Team GB at the Olympics. What makes a good team? What values do good teams have?


**Teamwork, friendship, kindness, effort, love, trust, honesty, perseverance, resilience**

You can think of your own or magpie one of these ideas.


As Team Year 1-2 we need a Team Flag. choose one of the values and design an eye catching poster. Please send your finished design via email your teacher and we can put them together to make a team flag!

Team GB Golden Moments | London 2012

What makes a good team?