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In DT we are looking at food from around the world.


Have a look in your home and see what different kind of food you have?

Look closely at the labels. Can you see where the food is grown?


You can take photos and email them to your teacher,

or draw pictures

or use the internet to research.


Maybe you have someone in your family who is from or has been to a different country and they could tell you about the food they ate?

Mrs Day made a pineapple and strawberry cake with her son. Where did the ingredients come from?



Carrying on with our Plants theme this week, we are going to be learning about 2 types of trees - Evergreen Trees and Deciduous Trees. To help you learn all about these trees and identify their different properties we have found 2 videos for you to watch. Whilst watching the tree song make sure you pay attenttion to all the different trees in the Evergreen part and the Deciduous part.



Evergreen Vs Deciduous video



Tree song video



Now that you have learnt about the different types of trees why don't you go on a tree hunt in your local area, there are lots of different trees in the world let's see which ones you can find. There is a tree hunt sheet you can use to guide you or you can take photos and then send them to your teacher labelled with which type of tree it is, Evergreen or Deciduous. 


There is also a fun sorting activity for you to do. If you can't print it off, you can create 2 columns with the headings, Evergreen and Deciduous and write the name of each tree in the correct place.





Last week you learnt all about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and how he discovered the Americas. So, this week let’s see if we can find some of the places he visited on a map or globe.


On the map below can you find any of these places:



North America

South America




Map link