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This week in topic there is 3 lessons. History is all about democracy. Read the lesson and find out what democracy means and how it has impacted us today. Art is thinking about clothes the ancient Greeks wore and science follows on from light and dark, thinking about reflective materials.
Read the lesson on democracy. Find out what democracy means, who got to vote, how they voted and think about similarities and differences between our country now and then. You may need your parents help. Next try and answer the questions from the slides then have a go at the diary entry.

Art- sketching Greek clothing

Look at the picture of the women and men dressed in ancient Greek clothing. On a plain sheet of paper have a go at sketching a man and a women the best you can. You could then research Greek clothing and see if you can label you sketches.

Science- Reflective Light

Read the slides and learn about reflective materials. Then have a go at designing a reflective book bag.