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We are continuing our work on plants this week with a practical investigation. All you need are a few different flowers, make sure you ask an adult before picking any from your garden.

Watch the YouTube clip below and read the PDF for more details.

Flower Dissection - Reproduction in flowering plants


As you already know, transport during the Industrial Revolution was very different to what we use today.

Use this link, to plan a route between the cities listed below. Fill in the worksheet to compare how long journey times take by foot, by car, by public transport (busses and trains) and by bike.


Leeds - Wakefield

Manchester - Liverpool

London - Edinburgh

Birmingham - Bristol

Once you've done estimate how long you think the journey may have taken during the Victorian era, would it have been quicker or longer?

History/Art/D.T - Dewsbury in the Industrial Revolution


Over the next few weeks we will be looking at what life was like living and working in Dewsbury, during the Industrial Revolution.


To begin, we need to find out where people lived and where they worked.

Investigate where did people live and work during the Industrial Revolution.

Once you have done this, you can draw either the housing or places of work.

Try to imitate the style of L.S Lowry as detailed below.