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History, Geography and Science


During the Industrial Revolution the British Empire was ruled by Queen Victoria, you can find out more about her by following the links below.


Task 1 - Find definitions for the following words:


This will help you with Task 2, so it really is worth doing.

Task 2 - Write a short biography about Queen Victoria, focusing on 5 key events in her life. You might want to focus on the subheadings below, or you could always choose your own.

Early Life, Marriage, The British Empire, Assassination Attempts, Later Life and Death.


Task 3 - Country of the British Empire factfile.

Following your research into how Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire, you can now use atlases and the internet to fill in the factfile below for a former member of the British Empire.


Task 4


Watch the videos about food chains

Think about what the following means: consumer, producer, prey.


What are the following?   Fox, flower, hedgehog,  slug,

Do any of them fall into more than one category?  Can you put them in the correct order.