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PSHE: The Huge Bag of Worries

At times we all have worries. It makes us feel better when we share them. Watch this story and then answer the questions with your grown up.



This term we have learnt all about plants, we have even had a go at planting our own seeds. How successful was your plant at growing? We would love to see a picture, here are some pictures of our bean plants in school.



Now lets recap everything a plant needs to grow and survive. To help you remember, click on the link below. 


Can you name the 5 conditions a plant needs to grow? 


Our task this week is to draw and label a diagram of a plants lifecycle, just like the one below. You can pick your own plant, it doesn’t have to be a sunflower or a bean plant. 

Plant Life Cycle

How a plant grows from a seed to a plant/flower - created at