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Watch this video about the artist Pablo Picasso


Have a go.......

You can create your own Picasso style self portrait by cutting up a photo of yourself and arranging it at funny angles. Put an ear top of your head or your eyes below your nose! Remember the funnier and stranger the better. It will look like a real Picasso!

Planting Sunflower Seeds. Could you plant any seeds at home?

CBeebies - Topsy and Tim plant sunflower seeds in their back garden. Visit to find even more fun games and videos.

Amazing Carrot Top Experiment

Be a scientist! Try your own experiment at home!


BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Florence Nightingale

Copyright BBC

Make Florence Nightingale's lamp

An activity to make a fanoos (lamp) like the one used by Florence Nightingale in Scutari Hospital. This is a simplified version of one of the activities in t...