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The Gingerbread Man

Today's sound is  -  air 


Words to read or write -

air  pair  fair hair chair  stairs repair  airport


Sentences to read or write -

She has green hair.    I went up the stairs. A pair of red socks.


air Words | Phase 3 Phonics

Let's sound out some 'air' words!If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video.For more Phonics Segmenting and Blending a...

CVC words -

Today our words have the middle sound 'e'  Have a go at reading them and watch the video...


peg  leg  pet  let  net  yes  jet  ten  men

Blending to Read | Middle 'e' Sound CVC Words

Blending to Read | Middle 'e' Sound CVC WordsThis video supports blending of CVC words using phonics. Each word is sounded out slowly and clearly so the phon...

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