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Remote learning will not take place on the morning of Friday 5th March as staff will be coming into school to prepare classrooms for children returning on 8th March
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Guided Reading Task
1) Why is the name of the animal the Hope-o-potamus?

2) What is the problem the hippo faces?

3) How does the hippo feel when his is travelling? How do you know this?

4) How do you think the hippo feels at the end of the poem? Why?

5) Why doesn't the hippo give up?

6) Why do the other animals follow him?

7) How does this poem link to hope?

Maths - Long Multiplication

This math video tutorial provides a basic introduction into long multiplication. it explains how to multiply multi-digit numbers.My Website:

Maths Task

43 x 12 =

463 x 12 =

452 x 15 =

137 x 19 =

4742 x 19 =

3242 x 17 =



Topic Task
Begin a fact file about either Aristotle or Ptolemy.

Be ready to add what their models of The Solar System looked like, following today's Zoom.

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