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Remote learning will not take place on the morning of Friday 5th March as staff will be coming into school to prepare classrooms for children returning on 8th March
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This week in Literacy we are completing a newspaper report on Greta Thurnberg so today we will be reading/watching the story of Greta and the Giants and completing questions on this story.

Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker

Greta stands up for what she believes in and changes the actions of the giants. She wants to protect nature and inspires others to stand up with her.


Today we are continuing to look at fractions  and  we are understanding what a fraction actual is. 

what is a frattion.mp4

Still image for this video



Username- Westmo4138

Password- lahome



Go on Unit 2- Les Instruments

Have a go at the interactive lesson 2



Today in science we would like you to use your knowledge of sound to create a string telephone.


Watch this BBC Bitesize science lesson. Watch from 3mins 17seconds. Then have a go at making your own ‘String telephone’. Email a picture to your teacher. Could you hear what was being said?


Challenge: Can you investigate whether using different types of strings affects the sound?

For example: copper wire, thick string, thread, plastic string.

‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together