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Remote learning will not take place on the morning of Friday 5th March as staff will be coming into school to prepare classrooms for children returning on 8th March
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Guided Reading Task

Read the second part of the story, use the key vocabulary to help you: 

1) 'The egg yolk sun swam in a sea of clear blue.' 

    What impression do you get of the weather? 

2) Look at the paragraph starting 'Frantically' How can you tell they wanted to get out of the forest quickly? Use quotes from the text. 

3) Match the sentence to the technique... 

It had been a perfectly normal day.  


The egg yolk sun swam in a sea of clear blue 

Relative Clause 

What could that be? 


A pale, thin boy, who had a wild look in his eyes, nearly attacked me as I walked into the cabin.  

Rhetorical questions 

I ventured in to the sharp, menacing bushes. 

Noun Phrase 

4) Look at the paragraph beginning 'So there we were,'    Find an copy one word that suggests it was getting late. 

5) ...the light had been suffocated from above...    Give two impressions this gives you of the forest. 

6) How do you think the story will end?

Guided Reading

Maths—Tuesday Mixed Numbers and Mixed Number 

Convert the following to improper fractions

Convert the following to mixed number fractions: 

1)  3 1/4

1) 9/2,

2)  2 3/ 2) 7/3
3) 3 5/12 3) 11/5
4) 5 7/ 4) 19/8
5) 3 4/5, 5) 23/4
  6) 17/4 


Topic Task

Think about the information we learnt about Sputnik yesterday. 

Write a diary entry from the perspective of a citizen of the USA having seen the USSR (Russia) successfully launch the first man-made satellite into space.

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