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Last day of half term Thursday 21st October, returning on Tuesday 2nd November
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This week in English, we would like you to write an informal letter to a friend from your class.

As you are writing to your friend, your writing can be quite informal or chatty.


There is a presentation below that mentions how a formal and informal letter are different.


Write to your friend and tell them about some of the exciting and fun things you have done at home during this lockdown.

Have you been having BBQ's and water fights in the garden? Have you been baking? (Surely you all must be because I can't seem to be able to get hold of plain or self raising flour at the supermarket!!!) or have you been working SO hard on your school work that you've not had time for anything else? Yeah right! (informal/chatty).


Have a look at an example of an informal letter below.

Once you have written your letter, use the checklist to see if you have included all the features.



Below, you will also find two grammar tasks for this week.

‘Work Together. Play Together, Succeed Together