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Year 6

Week 14 WB Monday 13th July 2020


Hi year 6!


Well, you've made it! You've got to the end of primary school. Who knew that it would end like this? We were talking in school the other day about this year and saying how things like our little trips to Leeds Crown Court and and the visit to the Christmas Market feel like a lifetime ago. So much has changed since then and all of us feel genuinely saddened that we cannot see you all to say a proper goodbye as we send you off to your secondary schools. We know that you will all do really well and are immensely proud of your achievements. Just before Lockdown started you were all putting in 100% effort and were on track to get some great results in your SATs. You were working hard, like real year 6 pupils. Make sure you remember this work ethic and use it at you secondary school. 


Many of your secondary schools have prepared work for over the summer and I really advise you to do it, especially if you haven't done so much since March. 


We hope that you will be able to come back to see us at some point in the not to distant future and that we can hear about what you have been up to. 


For now,


Take Care, Stay Safe and be the best you can!


Love Mr Grant, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Charlesworth and Mr Prince x x x x



Week 13 WB 6th July 2020


Hi year 6!


Just 2 weeks to go! Its been a busy but fun time at school over the last week. We've all enjoyed getting stuck in with making our scarecrows! We hope you can see them when they go on display on Monday. This week we are putting some more 'usual' work on the website for you to complete. For those of you going to Westborough as a secondary school, we hope you enjoy your virtual transition day on Tuesday. Use the 'Transition' tab below to keep your eyes on your secondary school's website for any updates from them.


Remember - we are making a goodbye video for you but we need your 5 second waving photos by the end of Monday 6th July! If you don't send us one in you won't be on the video. It just needs to be you waving for 5 seconds, you don't need to say anything or do any other actions. 


Take care and we hope to see you soon!


Week 12 WB Monday 29th June 2020


Hi Year 6!


Just 3 weeks of your 'time' at Westmoor left, I bet you didn't think it would end like this! We're keeping going to the end and we're looking forward to seeing the scarecrows at the end of the week. As always, we are setting work for you to complete at home but, as Westmoor is 50 this week, you may notice that there is no 'English' work this week as we have linked our English to the 50 year celebrations. Please have a look and try out some of the activities. These activities also include the 'Fun / Social' activities too. 


This week and have been working on our year book pages with the children in school but we haven't had many from those of you at home so please send them in ASAP so that we can add your memories to our year book. We also need you 5 second waving videos to put with our goodbye song. Record these and send them to your class email (, and 


We are still getting bits of information in about Transition activities so make sure you check the 'Transition' tab for any updates.


For now, stay safe and work hard!

Week 11 WB 22nd June 2020


Hi year 6!


It has been another busy week at work with more children attending each day. Don't worry if you are not in school, the work is all below and we will be calling you all over the next few weeks to check in and see how you're doing. I have some news regarding transition - most schools are saying to look on their websites and I will put a link to these in the 'Transition' tab below. 


Also, in a few weeks Westmoor school will be 50 years old! We had planned a number of exciting activities but COVID-19 put a stop to them so we have had a change of plans. Keep your eyes open for exciting updates on this!


Finally, we are putting together a video and song for you all as a goodbye from Westmoor. If your parents allow, could you send a 5 second video clip of you waving to your class email address so that we can add it to the video. Send them to, or Along with this we are hoping to make a year book for you to take away with lots of memories from your time here. See the 'Year Book' tab for more information. 


Have a good week and stay safe! smiley

Westmoor is 50!

It would be great if you could join in with this fun activity for all of the family to get involved with!

Week 10 - WB 15th June 2020


Hi Year 6!


We hope you're all OK. We have had another busy week at school and at home. We have had Zoom meetings with some of the secondary schools you are going to and told your new teachers all about you! How are you all feeling about secondary school? Your new schools should be in touch with you all soon to discuss their plans for September. We'll let you know if we hear anything but for now you all take care and stay safe!


Week 9 - WB 8th June 2020


Hi year 6!


It has been great to see some of you in school over the past week. It felt a little bit strange going to work on Monday but we have quickly gotten used to it again and now it feels like we've never been away! If you haven't been in school we are continuing to put the work on the website so that you don't miss out on the learning. We have been doing lots of work around transition and, as you can imagine, each school is doing it's own thing so you will need to wait to hear from your secondary school about their individual transition plans. If we hear anything then we will, of course, let you know about it ASAP. We hope we see you all soon!


Stay safe and work hard smiley

Week 8 - WB 1st June 2020


Hi year 6!


Well, this has been a strange half term holiday. We have all (obviously) been at home all week but we have managed a few little trips out for our daily exercise which has been nice. We are all really looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday but don't worry if you're not in school - there will still be all of the work on the website for you to complete at home.  As always, do what you can and if you have any problems use the contact your teach forms at the top of the page.


Stay safe smiley

Half Term Holiday - WB 25th May 2020


Hi year 6!


We hope you are all OK?


This week a couple of our year 6 boys are helping to edit the website. Don't worry, Mr Grant is overseeing them do it! This week is the holidays so we have decided to not set you any formal lesson work. Instead, we are going to leave you some fun activities to do at home. 


Week 7 - WB 18th May 2020


Hello Year 6!


We hope that you are well and keeping safe. Now, this is Mr Prince's turn on updating the website with some work for you so hopefully it is all in the right place!


I hope that you are managing to do some of the work and sending it to your class teachers. We are also sharing it with whoever taught you in the English and Maths groups so keep sending it in. Please send it to the following -


Mr Grant's Class -

Mrs Charlesworth's Class -

Mrs Dawson's Class - 


Keep sending in your photos too as we are putting a huge collage in the school entrance for you to see when you return. Keep going, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon! smiley

Week 6 - WB 11th May 2020


Hi Year 6!


We hope you are all well!


Please find this week's work below. As always, do what you can and please send us anything that you have completed to our class email addresses (, and This week we are printing out out any photos you send in of you working, playing or doing activities at home to put into a huge collage in the school entrance. Take care and stay safe smiley

Week 5 - WB 4th May 2020


Hi Year 6!


We hope you have had a good week. We have all been busy working in school for the first half of this week. It was nice to be back and we hope that we will all be able to see you there soon. We have also written all of your reports. It felt strange to write them when we hadn't seen you all for so long.  It has been nice to get some messages through the messaging system but there hasn't been much work submitted to us. Remember our email addresses are, and Please feel free to send us any work you have completed so that we can have a look at how you have been getting on. Stay safe and try your best to complete some of the tasks below when you can over the next week. 

Week 4 - WB 27th April 2020


Hi Year 6!


We hope you have had a good week and have been working hard. You may have seen that you can send messages to us through the comment form at the top of this page. Feel free to let us know if you would like any extra help with your work through this system. It feels a bit strange to be setting work but not knowing what you have done so, from this week, you will be able to send your work to us. It will be lovely to see how you are getting on. Mr Williamson will be sending out a Ping about how to submit work at some point soon. Parents, don't worry if you are not able to do this, as I have said before do what you can in these difficult times.  In the mean time, enjoy this sunny weather and, if you can, go exploring with your families on your daily exercise. It is amazing what you can find on your doorstep. The other day I found the waterfall pictured below literally less than a mile from my front door!


As always, stay safe and take care!


Your year 6 teachers :)





Week 3 - WB Monday 20th April 2020


Hi year 6!


We all hope you have enjoyed the Easter Holidays. I bet it feels strange not coming back to school. It does for us! We have been busy putting together packs of work for you to complete over the next week. There are plenty of activities on here to keep you busy and entertained. As always, do what you can and don't worry if there is something you cannot do or are struggling to find time to do. We all appreciate how hard it is to work from home! Right now I have Lydia wanting me to play snakes and ladders with her, Thomas wondering why I'm not building a den with him and baby Robyn looking up at me and smiling with her massive baby eyes! And I'm trying to update the website at the same time! So yes, we appreciate how hard it is for you and your parents and carers. Keep smiling and stay safe, we are missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you again soon. 



Week 2 - Happy Easter!


Hello again Year 6!


Below are some links with activities to keep you busy over the Easter holidays. Week 1 will be live from Friday 3rd April and Week 2 will be live from Friday 10th April. There is also information and pictures of the rainbows we have all been making. Please take a look and have a go at making your own. 


As we can't be with you right now, we have made avatars of ourselves which you will see across and work we set. Our avatars will be there to give you instructions, hints and tips to help with your work. I think you will all agree that 2 weeks away from year 6 has left us all looking much better smiley. As always, stay safe and stay home. We are all looking forward to seeing you!


Hello year 6!


We hope that you are all OK and being good for your families while school is closed and we all work from home. Each week we will be putting some work on here for you to complete at home. This work will be English, Maths, Topic and Social work and should be done to the best of your ability. If you have a printer you can print some of the tasks out but if not, you can read the questions off the screen and complete them on paper or whatever you have. Please don't worry if there is something you cannot do or find tricky. Just try your best.


Luckily, before school closed, we had completed nearly all of the year 6 curriculum and we had planned to start revision for SATS. Now you will not be doing the SATS but the revision tasks will really help to keep your mind active and prepare you for secondary school. 


Finally, and most importantly, stay safe! Look after yourselves and your families and use as many means possible to contact your friends and extended family while you cannot see them directly.


The Year 6 Team - (Mrs Charlesworth, Mrs Dawson, Mr Prince, Mr Grant, Mrs Walmsley, Mrs Green, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Fox, Mrs West, Mrs Hughes)