Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


In Year 6 we will be focusing on the topic of 'Crime and Punishment' during the Autumn term . We will be looking at; how the justice system has changed over time, how punishments fit a range of crimes and what rights we have as human beings.


Year 6 Staff



Mr Grant - Class Teachers

Mrs Green (AM) - ETA



Mrs Charlesworth - Class Teacher

Mrs Walmsley - ETA



Mrs Dawson - Class Teacher

Mrs Gardner - ETA


6P (Mornings Only)

Mr Prince - Class Teacher

Mrs Hussain



Homework Due In - Wednesday

Spelling Test - Wednesday

P.E Kit - Thursday


Reading records and home reading books can be brought in any day of the week but at least once a week.



In English, we are writing a range of texts linked to our topic of Crime and Punishment. We will be writing balanced arguments, crime reports and a crime story. We will be using a range of different stimulus including videos, vehicle evidence from a crash and witness statements.



There will be a focus on getting our arithmetic right - we will be focussing on all four operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide). Using our knowledge we will be applying this to various reasoning and problem solving during our lessons. Then we will revisit fractions and co-ordinates to ensure fluency in these subjects.



Our topic this term is around Evolution and Inheritance. We'll be exploring how living things have changed over time, discussing how living things produce off-spring and exploring how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment.

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