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Geography Curriculum Overview

This document details how we organise the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that is taught in Geography across the school in each year group. 

Curriculum Intent
Through our Geography Curriculum, we aim to inspire all pupils to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, beyond their immediate locality and experience.

Curriculum Implementation
At Westmoor our curriculum is designed to provide children with a broad and balanced education, that engages and encourages their curiosity for the world around them by providing opportunities for  practical learning, independence and reflection. The geography aspects of our school curriculum takes account of the skills and knowledge every child needs to acquire to reach clear and defined end points. 

Children are taught to apply their knowledge and skills when working like a geographer and to use supporting sources to further enhance their understanding. We promote the enrichment of geography skills and understanding through outdoor learning. Through carrying out field work, children develop problem solving, cooperation and interpersonal skills. Throughout the progression of geography in our curriculum, children are taught to reflect on their learning and consider the impact and consequences of their behaviour and actions on the present and future world.

Curriculum Impact
At Westmoor children present their knowledge, understanding and skills in various forms such as written, verbally and through diagrams. Work is marked in accordance with the schools marking policy and provides opportunities for pupil's work to be celebrated.  Pupils are given opportunities to self assess and this provides the opportunity for children to develop into reflective and independent learners.

The implementation of the geography curriculum is monitored throughout the year by the geography coordinator.  They ensure coverage of the curriculum is taking place throughout the school by carrying out various measures, such as reviewing book samples against the long term planning and talking to pupils about their learning.

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