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At Westmoor Primary School, we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every child can thrive regardless of their individual needs and abilities.  We recognise the importance of catering to the diverse educational requirements of all our pupils.  This page is dedicated to providing information about our Special Educational Needs provision, so you can better understand how we support pupils with SEN.

Our Approach to Special Educational Needs

  • Inclusivity:  We believe in the principle of inclusion, where pupils with SEN are integrated into mainstream classes to the fullest extent possible.  This allows them to learn alongside their peers and benefit from a rich and diverse learning experience.
  • Individualised Support:  There are three levels of SEN support within Westmoor, all of which follow the Graduated Approach which operates within the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle:
  1. One-page-profiles (OPP) for those pupils who need some additional input or intervention to help close gaps with peers;
  2. My Support Plans (MSP) for those pupils how need a higher level of support.  This is a comprehensive document detailing pupils’ specific strengths, needs and provision;
  3. Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for pupils with ongoing, significant and /or complex needs.  An EHCP is a legal document, issued by the local authority.  The pupil will be assessed by an Educational Psychologist as needing a higher level of support with will need additional funding.

These documents are all individualised for our pupils with SEN.  These plans are tailored to address the specific needs and goals of each pupil.  We work closely with teachers, parents and specialists to ensure that the support provided is effective and targeted.

  • Dedicated SENCO:  Westmoor Primary School has a dedicated Special Educational    Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who oversees the provision for pupils with SEN.  The SENCO acts as a point of contact for parents, teachers and external agencies, ensuring a collaborative approach to support.

Support Services

We offer a range of support services for pupils with SEN, which may include:

  • Quality First Teaching:  Our teachers support all pupils, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, through excellent classroom teaching know as ‘quality first teaching’.

Quality first teaching includes:

  • well-resourced and carefully planned provision which provides a rich learning environment
  • clear daily targets that are shared with the children
  • lively, interactive teaching and learning based on real life and practical experiences
  • carefully structured, differentiated learning activities which enable all children to fully participate
  • children being supported with their learning in groups, pairs and sometimes individually
  • children being helped to take responsibility for their own learning, when appropriate
  • children being encouraged to know their own targets and how to achieve them
  • In-class Support:  Teaching assistants are available to work with pupils in the classroom, providing extra help and guidance when needed.
  • Specialist Interventions:  For pupils with more complex needs, we offer specialist interventions and resources designed to meet their specific requirements.  Some children who have more complex learning needs access our SPACE provision in the mornings, where they have a bespoke curriculum designed to enhance their fundamental basic skills.   The SENCO leads the room supported by a Senior Educational Teaching Assistant (SETA) and Educational Teaching Assistants (ETAs).  The SENCO and SETA work with a number of children to promote basic numeracy skills and literacy skills which include phonics, reading and writing.  The aim is to not only encourage these children to be more independent and develop their communication skills but also to engage and motivate these children through targeted small group support so that they will be able to reintegrate with whole class teaching.  The ETAs work with a number of other children with specific learning needs. These children require a tailored curriculum which integrates cognition, communication, social/emotional and physical skills.  These are taught through a range of multi-sensory approaches to engage and motivate the children.
  • Speech and Language Therapy: Our school works in partnership with speech and language therapists to support pupils with communication difficulties.
  • Access to Technology: We provide access to assistive technology and adaptive resources that enable pupils with SEN to engage with the curriculum effectively.
  • Emotional and Behavioural Support:  Our pastoral team is trained to provide emotional and behavioural support to help pupils develop their social and emotional skills.

Communication and Collaboration

We understand that effective communication and collaboration with parents or guardians are essential in providing the best possible support to our pupils with SEN.  We maintain an open-door policy and encourage regular communication to ensure that the needs and progress of each pupil are well understood.

We will:

  • listen to any concerns you may have and discuss these with you
  • hold a further meeting to discuss this with you in more detail, if needed
  • plan any additional support your child may need
  • consider if a referral to an external agency is needed in order to support your child’s learning
  • keep you informed at every stage

Legal Compliance

Westmoor Primary School is committed to complying with all relevant legal requirements and regulations related to special education, ensuring that all pupils with SEN receive the support and accommodations they are entitled to under the law.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our SEN provision or if you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs, please feel free to contact our SENCO, Mrs Sharon Dawson, at or arrange a meeting by calling the school office on 01924 485982.

We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where all pupils can achieve their full potential.  Together, we can create a supportive and nurturing educational journey for your child at Westmoor.


Kirklees Local Offer

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